2021 Tennis Rules & Regulations

2021 Tennis Rules & Regulations

Fairfax Station Swim and Tennis Club

2021 Tennis Rules and Regulations

The following policies and rules are set forth, by the Board of Directors, to ensure a clean, safe and orderly atmosphere at the Club so that you, your family and your fellow members may enjoy the Club facilities to the fullest throughout the season.

COVID Guidelines

Due to the continued presence of COVID-19, the Club will follow all regulations promulgated by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health, the Fairfax County Health Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we navigate the evolving guidance from our public health officials. Mask use and social distancing will be left to the discretion and risk tolerance of each individual family. In light of the evolving guidance the Board of Directors asks each member to:

  • Be respectful of other members
  • If asked, do everything you can to make the other member comfortable
  • Independent of the regulations on Clubs like ours, and as a reminder, until members are fully vaccinated, they should continue to follow all individual precautions recommended by public health authorities, their health care provider, and their individual tolerance for risk.

General Rules

  • • Tennis courts are for tennis only. Other games can be detrimental to the court surface.  All other uses must be permitted by the Director, Competitive Tennis.
  • • Eating on tennis courts is not allowed.
  • • We have a court reservation system in place so please book your court online before you come to play. If there are open courts and you have no reservation you are welcome to play but please be respectful of existing reservations. If you have a court booked but need to cancel, please do so on the App so other members can use your court.
  • • Children are not allowed on tennis courts unless they are playing tennis or participating in a clinic or camp.
  • • Children may not use the lighted courts at night if no adult members are present at the club. This is for protection of our young people, and we recommend that all members use prudence in playing at the club after dark.
  • • Courts are to be used by members of the club and their accompanied guests only.
  • • Tennis can be frustrating, but profanity or ball / racket abuse will not be tolerated at the club. Please conduct yourself in a respectful way while on the courts.
  • • Please wear appropriate tennis clothing while on the courts and non-marking shoes.
  • • Please respect other members playing next to you. We have many league matches and events going on year round and you should not be a distraction to the courts next to you. If you are using a hopper of balls, please make sure they are staying on your court and not disturbing players around you.
  • • If your time is up and there is someone with a reservation waiting, please do not make them wait for you to finish. Find an open court if there is one to finish.
  • • Please pick up trash you brought to the courts and leave the court as it was when you arrived.
  • • If you are the last member to leave the courts, please make sure the lights are off on the courts and the lights and fans are off at the pavilion.
  • • The gate code may be changed at the discretion of the Director, Competitive Tennis.  New codes are available to all members when making a tennis reservation.

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