Membership Information

Membership Information

2022 Membership Information

Full Membership (Open). The Club is owned in equal shares by its member-owners. Full ownership requires a one-time non-refundable $750 initiation fee AND annual dues. Annual dues are set by the Board of Directors each year. In 2022 the annual dues are $625.

Temporary Membership (Open). In years where the Club has excess capacity member-owners open membership to families and individuals on a temporary basis. Temporary members have full access to the club facilities for one calendar year. Temporary membership requires annual dues ($625), plus a non-member-owner premium each year. In 2022 the non-member-owner premium is $200. Temporary membership is favored by individuals or families who are not sure they want to buy into the Club or given the transitory nature of the Washington-Metropolitan Area may only be in the area for a short time. If a temporary member wishes to convert to a full member-owner non-member premium can be applied to the full membership non-refundable initiation fee. 

Once you join (full or temporary) you become eligible for our member referral bonus.  Refer a new full or temporary member and get $100, do this enough and you swim for free!

Just to recap…
  • 2022 Full¬†Member-Owner = $625 + $750 = $1375
  • Temporary¬†Member¬†= $625 + $200 = $825
Full and temporary members have full access to the club and the club’s facilities for the entire year, from a non-monetary perspective the only difference in membership is ability to vote on club matters and serve on the Board of Directors. The real difference between a full and temporary member is in protection from future increases in the initiation fee for full membership, and the non-member-owner premium for temporary membership. Members who join as full members in year one are protected from increases in the initiation fee. All members pay annual dues set by the Board of Directors each year.
For additional membership questions, please email our Membership Director at

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